Cote du Granit Rose

Having never heard of the Cote du Granit Rose, our expectations were not that high. The pictures online did no justice, maybe it's a 'best kept secret'. Well, we're going to blow it out to stratospheric proportions. I don't have much more to say, I'll let the pictures do the talking...

After a couple of weeks of consistently grey weather, we were pleasantly surprised by the sun peeking out from behind the clouds for what was to be a beautiful drive into the Brittany coastline. We drove in through picture-perfect little fishing villages, past forests, fields and along the shore to a free aires near the Parc du Radome.

It isn't the most picturesque spot, but with picnic benches, grass and A TOILET (YAAAY!), we couldn't complain.

Day 1

We spent a relaxing afternoon just mooching around the van as it had completely clouded over, hoping for better weather the next day.

Day 2

The sun came out! We planned to cycle to the Phare de Men Ruz, which was due to be a little 7km cycle. We headed off in the sun, goofing around with the GoPro and followed the coast round. The view was already breathtaking with glittering waters, waves crashing over rocks in the distance. Fir trees and palm trees sat side by side all along the front.

We found a cycle path right on the coast which we followed until it unexpectedly turned into a route that didn’t allow bikes. We pushed our bikes for around a kilometre and just when we thought we were going to be able to get back on our bikes and cycle, the route stopped completely and we were on a beach. It was a huge expanse of beach with a channel of sewage running through the middle (Gross!).

We half carried, half pushed our bikes over the sand until we reached other other side of the beach and found a piece of road again. When we consulted Google maps to check we were on the right track, it turned out we were still 4km away. We cycled, got a bit lost again and then found our way to a dead end at a beautiful lagoon. There was an altar made out of the pink granite and a chateaux on an island in the centre of the lagoon.

We then finished the walk to the Phare de Men Ruz, where we stumbled upon a fantastic display of enormous boulders with big waves crashing against the shore.

On our way back, I decided that the lagoon was the perfect opportunity to paddle my feet in the sea. Only 5 days before, I had paddled my feet for the first time whilst there was still snow on the ground, and in comparison, this felt like a summer holiday.

Day 3

We had a completely lazy day in the van. We drank tea, watched movies and ate dinner on the picnic benches outside.

I cannot speak for later in the year, when I imagine it could be a rammed with tourists, but it was a peaceful haven for us. A beautiful place for an unforgettable experience.

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